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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Monday, my loves!
Today I wanted to share something different with you!

I threw a first big birthday party for my oldest son's 5th birthday 2 weeks ago.
if you read my previous post about the invitations I made, you know that it was at this party room that the fire station rents out for anyone. 

We were supposed to go inside and start decorating 2 hours prior to the party but they gave us a wrong code for the lock box, and we could not find the guy who was in charge of it until only an hour before the party started, so unfortunately, I didn't get to take the before pictures of a lot of things... but here are some that we did take!

Here is the cake table.
I taped the red, orange, and yellow streamers on the wall like it was on fire! 
Super cheap, super easy!
The banner was made with The Banner Framelits dies with the Very Vanilla and Summer Starfruit cardstock. I used the Typeset Alphabet Bigz die (Retired) and when everything was assembled together, I embossed them all with the Lucky Star Embossing Folder. 
To finish it up, I tied some white ribbons with black paw prints and plain black ribbon.

Sorry about the quality of this photo, I had to blow it up.
Red and yellow balloons as fire, and white with black dots as dalmatians. I stuck black circle stickers all over the white balloons to make those spots! The idea was found on Pinterest and it saved my life because I could not find them any where! I bought a dozen each and tied them onto stuffed dalmatians, and they sat so cute on the tables that were covered with black tablecloths. 

We had several fun games for the little ones to play, super huge thanks to my husband's aunt, Jube (her name is actually Judy but my son calls her that) and I made quick signs for them. This is the only picture we took. But as you can see, I coordinated them all with the Summer Starfruit cardstock and Basic Black letters. Those cute firefighter stickers were some of the leftovers from the little prizes that I put in small cellophane bags. 

Here is a really cute craft for the little ones.
We gave them small black circle stickers, and they got to give their dalmatian puppies their spots! No mess, but super fun!

We had these plastic fireman helmets for the little ones. I made this special badge for my son's. 

Favor for his friends.

I didn't think they were exactly the cutest puppies I've seen, so I gave them pretty SU ribbons and name tags. Don't they look better!?

Here are the name tags.

I found this cute little firetruck die on Etsy. 
I totally abused it for this party! LOL
That cute little alphabet stamp set is from Target's $1 shelf, this one was actually given to me by my lovely friend Nina because my Target did not have them! I LOVE the font, and how they mixed up upper and lower cases! So cute!

This particular pup has an Early Espresso ribbon because my son's favorite color is "Chocolate Brown" 

The kids had so much fun playing all the games and craft, but the biggest highlight of all was the tour of the fire station! 

My husband's little cousin (he was only 4 when we got married, and although he now is a proud firefighter and a college student, he is still a "little" cousin to me) is a firefighter at this station, and lucky us, all the trucks and ambulances were home! So we all got to look, get inside, even turn the lights one and stuff! It was our private open house! Now, what little kid would NOT enjoy that!? 

I don't post pictures of my kids on Internet, you just don't know who sees them and what they do with them...
Anyway, here's one that he was in one of the ambulances.

Now, here are a few pictures of his friend's birthday from this past weekend. It was at a pizzeria, I thought they were only going to sit and eat pizza...NO! They had a little tour in the kitchen and the kids even got to help make pizzas! (And my husband and I made a mental note... DO NOT ORDER from them on weekends! LOL)

The birthday boy loves Ninja Turtles so the kids wore green, and his mom made the turtle shells out of green plastic veggie platters, and felt Ninja Turtle masks! So cleaver!

And this is the card I made, and the gift wrapping.

So easy I don't need to tell you how I made them, do I !? LOL

I attached the card on the back of the present with that cute little red laundry pin that I had bought around Christmas at Target. I love their $1 shelves, but then, who doesn't !?

So that is it! 
My son's invited to 3 more parties the next 2 months, and there will be at least 2 more in summer! I will be making cards and cute wrapping, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading this long post,  I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Wow! Where have I been...? I can't believe I missed this post! I LOVE all the birthday festivities and wish you had been able to take more photos so we could see more! Can't wait to see the next party... :)