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Monday, November 26, 2018

Hello, lovelies!
I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving!
So now that that's over, time to get busy with holiday cards!
I am really bad with actually mailing my handmade cards 😖 
Don't you wish we could send them just by clicking buttons!?
Well, have you heard of Paperless Post
I was offered to try out their digital greeting cards in exchange for writing a review on my blog, and I thought it'd be fun!

So this is their home page.
To start, you need to create an account and purchase some coins.

Choose "CARDS" on the very right and you get all these different occasions for your digital cards!
For my very first card, I chose "Just Because" to send to my hubby 💗 I used to mail him my handmade cards to his office but he now has multiple locations and I don't know which one to mail to! {LOL} But with Paperless Post, he can open it whenever or wherever he is ;-) 

Here is a card I've customized for my sweet friend Nina (click HERE to see her blog).
These cute kitties sharing an umbrella is one of their "Just Because" cards, totally my style!
As you can see, it lets you customize the font, color, and size of the message, the backdrop, and even the colors of the image on some of the designs. When you're done, click on NEXT > and move onto the back of the card and add more personal messages. 

This part was a total surprise AND my favorite!
These cards come with envelopes and you can customize it by changing up the colors and the liner! 
I know! How fun is that!? But wait! 

The next step is the front of the envelope and OH.MY.GOSH!!!
You can change the postage stamp and postmark, too!!! 
When making my handmade cards, I am all about attention to detail so this was so very satisfying! 💗

When you're happy with all your changes and ready to send it, there is one more awesome feature I absolutely can schedule when to send it! Of course, you can simply click on SEND, but this setting came in very handy when I sent Thanksgiving cards to my in-laws! 

So what did you think?
it's really easy AND fun, right!?
I'm not a very digital person, couldn't even handle Microsoft PowerPoint when I used to work at the billing office! {LOL} The most difficult part of all was to make my choices! There are thousands of card designs and they even have partnered up with brand name companies such as Kate Spade, Sugar Paper, (these are my favorite companies so it was really exciting to see their designs there!), and many more! You can even upload your own photos, now that's fun! 

Finally, I'd like to thank Helen from Paperless Post who invited me to this fun site! 
It was a different kind of fun from my usual getting-all-inky fun! I even customized then sent a card in less than 5 minutes! Now that's a real quick way to show someone you're thinking of them! I definitely recommend Paperless Post to everyone, especially someone who's not into craft! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
have a lovely week!

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